• • Aeropoli
  • • Diros Caves
  • • Gytheio

We will start our visit to Mani from the historic capital of the area which is Areopolis with its famous tower-mansions. We will wander through the picturesque alleys among the tower-mansions and visit the church of Taxiarches with its square, where the Greek Revolution began in 1821.

We will continue our visit with the unique lake-caves of Diros, hidden underneath the dry and arid landscape of Mani, next to the beautiful crystal blue sea. The caves are famous all over the world for the colorful stalagmites and stalactites that formed before the rise of the sea level hundreds of thousands of years ago. The exact extent of the cave is still unknown, and today visitors visit the cave by boat for about 1,600 meters and then walk for about 300 meters until they see the Sunlight again.

After the caves we will drive from the Messinian Gulf to the Laconian and visit Gytheio, a picturesque port of the 19th century and the official capital of the area of Mani. It was an important port of the Spartans, also during the Roman era, but it was destroyed by an earthquake in 375 AD. We will visit the islet of Kranai with the tower of Tzanetaki and the famous marble lighthouse, we will walk to the picturesque harbor and visit the ruins of the Roman theater.

The price includes all entry tickets to the archaeological sites, museums and certified tourist guide. Lunch is not included.