• Ancient Olympia

In the green valley of the Alfeios River rose the most important sanctuary of the ancient times dedicated to the father of the gods, Zeus. At the place where the beauty of nature and religious sanctity mingle, the Olympic Games were born, an institution with pan-Hellenic and global radiation from antiquity to the present day.

The Olympic Games began officially in 776 BC and took place every four years, until 394 AD, when the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I forbade their execution because they were considered pagan. We will walk among the ruins of the ancient temples and the monuments of the sanctuary and visit the stadium where the famous Olympics were held in antiquity.

Afterwards we will visit the archaeological museum of Olympia where the unique statues such as the Hermes of Praxiteles and the rest finds of the excavations of the sanctuary are exhibited.

The price includes all entry tickets to the archaeological sites, museums and certified tourist guide. Lunch is not included.
Important notice: The museum tour takes about 2.5 hours.